Skin and Scuba - Steamboat's Commercial Divers

Steamboat’s Skin & Scuba has a full staff of professionally rated divers that are licensed and insured. Our underwater commercial work is specialized in DIVE SALVAGE/REPAIR/INSPECTIONS. All divers are also trained in “Search & Recovery” and are experienced, which saves time and money for our customers. There is no commercial dive work too small or too big for Steamboat’s divers. We can operate all year round at any time of day or night if necessary.


Some unique options/tools we can offer our customers are:

Underwater high-definition video (provides customers excellent footage of details)

Underwater still picture photography (provides customers excellent snapshots of details)

Pneumatic Tools (automates assembly and disassembly)

Magnetometer Proton 2 (used for narrowing down search areas and locating lost objects)

Lift Bags (used for precision placement of items on the bottom and recovering items from the bottom to the surface ranging from 50 lbs. to 20,000 lbs., lift/air bags have many uses)

Airlift (basically a dredger for excavating, many uses)

Water jet (for cleaning and excavating, many uses)

Underwater cutting torch (many uses)

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**Emergencies only** call:

Caleb: (605) 222-6572

Josh: (605) 222-1554

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