Dakota Adventures - Teacher Work Shops

Steamboat’s is pleased to be the preferred outfitter for the South Dakota Discovery Center’s field based workshops for educators. These accredited professional development workshops provide educators an opportunity to master field skills in the best classroom in the world – the outdoors! “We couldn’t do these classes without Steamboat’s,” says South Dakota Discovery Center professional development facilitator Anne Lewis. “I rely heavily on Steamboat’s to do what they do best so we can do what we do best. Every educator should have a first person, hands-on, real experience in teaching and learning in the outdoors. There’s really no other way to truly understand a watershed.”

Steamboat’s has more than ten years of experience outfitting the field studies. Our experienced and dedicated staff works hard to make sure that both novice and experienced paddlers have a memorable and valuable time recognizing that when you touch a teacher, you touch the future.

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Educator Workshops