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Endless River Paddling

Endless River Paddling

Interested in Paddle Boarding? Taking a class on a paddle board?

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Whether you are looking for a sunset tour with the Capital in the background, or six days on a river without a motor boat in sight, you've come to the right place.

We don't like to think of a tour as "our" trip. It's yours. You can arrange for a multi-day expedition down one of the most remote rivers in South Dakota, or a stunning sunset tour down the Missouri River.

What about cooking? Packing? Pitching tents? Those are our jobs. Your only job is to relax and enjoy the trip. But you might have to paddle a little.

Call or e-mail us to make reservations. We require a minimum of eight people for reservations. If you have a smaller group,  please call us. You may be able to join up with another group. After making your reservations, we will send you a a confirmation letter, a list of meals to pick from, release form, a detailed list of what to bring, and a free pass or two to some local museums and kids attractions, along with a stamped, preaddressed envelope for you to return your meal choices and deposit.

At 7 p.m. the evening before any multi-day trip, groups meet at Dakota Adventures/Steamboat's Inc. (511 West Dakota in Pierre) for a pre-trip orientation. Your guides will answer questions and go over the weather and itinerary and distribute dry bags for packing your clothes and personal amenities.

All expeditions include full dinner, a great lunch, and an all-American breakfast prepared by your guides each day. Vegetarian meals are available, just ask.  Vegans?  Get real!