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Potable Water Inspection:

Steamboat's Inc. strictly meets and exceeds all AWWA standards along with applicably federal CFR's. Providing you with assurance that your tank will be inspected without disturbing any sediment, and it will not have contaminants from a dive team introduced. Most often we are able to inspect and clean tanks with no disruption to service.
The most dangerous potable water tank situations are the ones you are unsure of. Contact us and see what a difference we can make for you.
You will finally know exactly what your tank is like when it is full and in operation, our High definition video and high resolution photographs along with the detailed written report will give you all the knowledge you need to be 100% confident your system is correct.



UNDER WATER ROV - Under Water Remotely Operated Vehicle Inspections -

Our ROV often is the best choice for larger tanks.  Photographs and Video cover all major inspection points, and any problem points can be thoroughly analized.  A DVD lets you see and analyze the interior conditions of the tank. The ROV is controlled by one of our trained ROV operators and his team. You can be confident after we have completed the initial inspection with our ROV that you can now see the whole picture.

Diver Inspections

We also utilize qualified divers which use a hand held underwater High-Definition video camera, Inspections with divers are generally performed after an ROV inspection. The diver is able to better inspect cracks, breaks, and other problem spots in more detail showing you depth of a crack and the diver can be heard through our state of the art hard wired communications.  Our divers are sealed off from the potable water by wearing a dry suit and full face mask with communications.  Any equipment that will be coming in contact with your potable water is dedicated for diving potable water only, and is  washed down with a chlorine solution that meets AWWA guidelines just before the equipment is used. 

No storage tanks are exactly alike, which is why we have and continue to develop specialized equipment. We are committed to saving you time and money, while never compromising safety.

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