Skin and Scuba

The following is standard operating procedure for the sanitizing of equipment used by Underwater Solutions Inc. in potable water systems:

All items contacting the water are subject to this process. This not only includes the diving and camera equipment, but the inspection instruments as well (i.e. pit depth guage, rulers).

Safe and Sanitary Diving Practices for Potable Water Systems

The two most important things to consider when using divers for the inspection and maintenance of potable water systems are SAFETY AND SANITATION. The equipment and procedures employed by Steamboat's Inc. addresses both of these issues. We DO NOT view a diver using a wet suit or using self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA) as either safe or sanitary. Therefore, we do not use or recommend the use of such equipment. Equipped with dry suits and full face mask, our divers are totally isolated from the water. The dry suit eliminates any possibility of contaminating your drinking water and enables the diver, by adjusting the volume of air inside the suit, effortlessly maintain buoyancy at any level in the tank. The full face mask combined with the proper hood guarantees no part of the divers head will contact your potable water. Divers receives an unlimited amount of surface-supplied air through an umbilical with hardwire communications and a life-restraint member attached. This system allows the diver to conduct a complete and thorough investigation and communicate currant accurate information  for documentation topside Divers equipped in this manner are comfortable and confident of their safety and well being, and thus perform more efficiently.

Having a limited supply of air, scuba divers prove to waste more time gathering and changing their air tanks than actually working. Making them inefficient and tired. Fatigue compromises safety from the beginning. Full body contact with water occurs with the use of a wet suit, offering no assurance that the diver will not contaminate the water, since wetsuits absorb contaminants at contact. The face mask used with scuba does not protect the diver's head and has no communication system, rendering him helpless in an emergency situation. Not having the ability to communicate, the diver relies largely on his memory to compile his report. Frequently, the scuba diver si preoccupied with concern for his air supply and may not take the time or have the time to gather precise information for an adequate documentation.

Always ask for references and do your homework on any dive contractor you hire. Often they are no more than recreation enthusiest that have gotten in over their heads, which can and will cost you to much money, stress, and down time.
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